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Cold Protection

Protect yourself this winter with Buccaline

Buccaline is an anti bacterial oral vaccine in tablet form. It is only available from pharmacies following a consultation with your pharmacist.

Viral and influenza-like illnesses are frequently made worse by additional bacterial infections which delay recovery. Sore throats, runny nose, sneezing and coughing are symptoms of upper respiratory system illness which are often caused by bacterial infections.

How does Buccaline work?
A three day course of Buccaline can help the body build up to 3 months of immunity towards the bugs which cause bacterial cold symptoms. Buccaline tablets contain tiny, inactivated amounts of the bacteria which can cause these complications associated with colds and flu.

After Buccaline dissolves in the intestine the bacterial antigens contained in it are engulfed by macrophages within the intestinal wall which pass them on to endothelial tissue where they stimulate the immune system to give added protection to the body against winter illnesses.

Who can take Buccaline
A course of Buccaline tablets offers cost-effective and safe protection from colds and chills for :

  • At risk patients – Elderly, Bronchitis and Asthma suffers

  • Individuals who are receiving the flu injection and want additional protection

  • Young children through to adults

Protection becomes effective a few days after the last intake of Buccaline, and lasts for up to 3 months following the one 3-day course. For maintenance of an effective full winter season protection, Buccaline can be taken at the beginning and again in the middle of the cold season.

Buccaline is not intended as an alternative to influenza vaccination and does not offer protection against viral coughs and colds. Buccaline may be used as an adjunct to influenza vaccination.

To protect against catching influenza we recommend that you get an influenza (or flu) vaccine from your family doctor. This may be subsidised for some people, including those who are older than 65 years or those who suffer from a chronic disease such as asthma.

What else should I know?

Pharmacist Only Medicine

Active Ingredients:

Each Buccaline tablet contains: 1000 million Pneumococcus 1, 11, 111: 1000 million Streptococcus: 1000 million Staphylococcus: 1500 million Haemophilus influenzae: 25mg Fel Bovis sicc: Sacchar.lact.q.s

The dose of Buccaline for Adults is Day 1: 1 tablet, Day 2 :2 tablets, Day 3: 4 tablets.

The dose for Children is Day1: 1 tablet, Day 2: 1 tablet, Day 3: 2 tablets.

Do not use Buccaline if you already have the symptoms of a Cold or Flu.


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